About Merlin Callaghan

Merlin Callaghan


When Merlin visited her native Estonia in 2014 she discovered a new beauty treatment; lash extensions.
Having been frustrated in her attempts to find the same high-quality treatment in the UK, Merlin came up with a simple solution – to learn the art of lash extensions herself.
Fast forward seven years and Merlin is now the proud owner of Merin Lash And Beauty, the go-to brand for perfect lashes, artist training courses and the finest beauty products.
She says: “I love lashes, I love making people look and feel beautiful. I believe each person is unique and my job as a Lash Wizard and artist is to perfect every single set of lash extensions for each person, to give people the confidence and belief that they can conquer anything they want in life.”
“By changing a small thing we make a huge impact; lashes enhance a person’s eyes but also make them believe in themselves. That feeling, and smile, when a client opens her eyes and looks in the mirror is so powerful and uplifting every time. You could say I am as addicted to it as much as my clients become addicted to lash extensions.”
“I take this same passion into my teaching, I want every person who chooses to learn the lash extensions and become a lash artist to feel they are supported on their journey. I have created courses for the lash extensions students to gain expert knowledge about what they are learning from the history of lashes, the technical elements of application and, of course, good customer service.”
“Attending a detailed lash course where lash theory is captured and practical work on the live model is completed is the key to becoming a confident lash artist.”
“Building a good name in the lash industry in general is also very important to me. This is why I travel around the world to conferences and courses to present, and also to keep learning myself.”
Merlin performs lash extension training in west London, the Isle of Wight and Edinburgh, and is happy to travel to different parts of the UK and abroad.
All MLAB lash trainers are practicing lash artists, ensuring we are perfectly placed to relate to the students who choose us as their training provider.
For further information and booking training with Merlin please enquire by contacting us directly at training@merlinlashandbeauty.com and let us know your requirements.