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Product Guide


Merlin Lash and Beauty lash extensions are made of PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate). There are many types of fibre lashes and our choice has always been to use the one that ensures our lashes are the best quality, hold the curl, look the right colour, are easy to work with and fan properly, giving clients that soft and fluffy lash finish they are looking for. I have written a product guide to help you to find the best options for thickness, lash curl, lash type, alongside some of our other products where a little help may come handy for you!
Enjoy, and if you want more information just send me a message!


0.03 diameter lashes – Very fine lashes are often used for Mega Volume looks or for clients who have very fine lashes. You can use anywhere from 2 strands all the way to 23 lashes in the fan and still stay on the safe side of the lash law of healthy lashes.

0.05 diameter lashes – The next step up from the 0.03. Lightweight and you can use all the way up to 9 of them in the lash fan. Assess your client’s lashes and use as many as you need to create the set that is right for them. I often use from 4D to 6D fans, and providing the client has a reasonable number of natural lashes this is the perfect fluffy set, not too heavy and not too light.

0.06 diameter lashes – A great middle level which works for absolutely everyone; beginner, intermediate or advanced lash artist. It is just the most versatile lash thickness for Russian Volume Lashes. Use 2 strands to make 2D fans or up to 7D for clients with strong lashes.

0.07 diameter lashes – The most popular lash thickness in the lash industry. Great for entry level as you take your first steps into the lash world. It is also used by many lash experts, including us. Making fans with this thickness is simple and efficient and you can make fans from 2D to 4D, and for clients with extra strong lashes, even 5D. Assess this by keeping notes about your clients and their natural lashes. Also perfect for male lashes.

0.10 diameter lashes – We are gradually venturing into the world of classic lash extensions. These are the finest classic lashes, so in some cases we can use them even as 2D fans. They work for most clients who have lot of good, healthy natural lashes and would like to add little umph to it. We can call it the mascara look.

0.12 diameter lashes – Classic Lashes to be used one lash extension to one natural lash. Use for clients who have light to strong natural lashes. Assess the amount of lashes the client has, listen to the client and what look they like, and if they feel 0.12 is not enough next time go to 0.15 diameter lash extensions.

0.15 diameter lashes – Standard classic lash extensions. To be used one lash extension to one natural lash. Pick the right lengths and curl and apply.

Flat Matte 0.15 lashes with split tip – New trend Flat Lashes in the classic lash extensions world. These are so very soft while still having the same diameter to give the dark finish your clients are seeking. As the name suggests, these are flat lashes which mean the weight and roundness has been taken out of the lash, making it flat. With this in mind we have also made sure the tip is fine, so it is split to give that soft top edge and keep the lashes looking fluffy making sure there is no harsh cut top line that otherwise would create a startled look. As the weight of this lash is equivalent of half the standard classic lash you will find many clients’ retention will improve a lot with these lashes.

Flat Matte 0.20 lashes with split tip – A wider diameter than 0.15 but still suitable for all clients as per above. You will simply get a fuller look with 0.20 thickness.


When you get the lash curl right it will make all the difference in a lash set!

B curl lashes – Straighter curl lashes. Suitable for bottom lashes. Also perfect for male lashes and eyeliner looks.

J curl lashes – Straighter lash curl and suitable for clients with very straight lashes who would like to keep the look as natural as possible.

C curl lashes – Straight with a little upward curl, hence the name C curl. C curl is a very good lash curl for natural-looking lash sets wanting a little bit of a lift. Suits all age groups, however they are especially good for mature clients who need a little lift to open their eyes and make their eyes pop. Also perfect for clients who have straighter natural lashes or deep set eyes as rounded curls would not work for their retention, and C is the right option to go with. It is perfect for all beginner lash artists as well to really master their placement of lash extensions to natural lashes.

CC curl lashes – This lash curl is the most popular lash curl in the industry. It suits the majority of people and it is a very versatile curl which works for most eye shapes and lash maps. It is little curlier than the C curl – hence we call it CC!

D curl lashes – Our D curl lashes are extra curly, sometimes referred to by others DD. This lash curl is rounded and lifts a lot as a result. You will find the top of the lash curl looks back a little to fully show the roundness of it. This also can mean that the effect of this lash curl is not as long, yet very visible. Make sure you take extra care on placement so you always get the best retention and show the look of the curl fully. Perfect for very downward growing natural lashes.

M curl lashes – One of the new lash curls in lash world. M curl is like magic lash curl. Merlin herself has been wearing this lash curl since it was developed. It has a small, straight foot that then lifts into an upwards curl. What this does is really open the eyes up. It is the perfect curl to cover hooded eyes and eyes with heavy eyelids because it helps to open these eyes up and cover that heavy eyelid. Also the shape of this magical lash curl gives the illusion of a longer effect, when actually the lengths used are not that long. In other words a 10mm M curl lash would give you the same visual impact from the front that an 11mm lash extension in rounder curls would look. Always a winner in our eyes!

L curl lashes – The latest lash curl on the market. The new Foxy and Cat eye looks we see everywhere are often created as a mix of C curl and L curl lashes. L curl, like M, has a straight foot and then lifts up. However in L curl this lift is straight up and a little out, giving that sweeping effect. A very popular lash look. The key thing to always remember with M curl lashes and L curl lashes is to make sure you apply the lashes an accurate distance from the eyelid to bring out the full effect. Placing lashes too far from the eyelid may mean the curl will not be as effective as you would like.


Our Premade lash fans range is the latest exciting addition to our lash shop.

We have been working for years with manufacturers to make them perfect before we were ready to bring them onto the market and share with you.

What are premade lash fans?

Essentially the process of making a lash fan is done for you. Each box has from 320 to 640 lash fans depending on the thickness and size of the fans you pick.

Merlin Lash and Beauty premade lash fans are made from high-quality fibre to ensure they stay together when applied to natural lashes.
Our premade narrow lash fans have perfect pointy bases to offer that perfect depth and darkness in your fluffy lash sets.

Our premade lash fans come in multiple different fan sizes and are available in mixed and single boxes.

Who are these premade lashes for?
A lash artist who is practicing hand making fans.

Clients who would like more volume than classic lashes but cannot lie down for the length of time that handmade Russian volume takes to create.

Salons with a high volume of clientele and who are required to work at high speed.

Premade lash fans can also be used to create the Hybrid lash sets with using half of the premade lash fans and half of the classic lash extensions in the same set.


Ever since the lash industry began there have been ongoing developments, it constantly evolves and improves. Now colour lash extensions have become an integral part of the lash world.

What a time to be living and working as an Lash artist, or a Lash Fairy as we like to say here at the Merlin Lash and Beauty Wizard Hub!

Imagine having all the colours of rainbow at your fingertips and being able to create magical lash sets.

You may remember using blue mascara – now you are able to add a touch of blue and purple to lash extensions, mix them with black extensions or add ombre colours to lift and open up your clients’ eyes with colour lash extensions.

There are fantasy lash competitions and magazine covers that scream for unique work with colour lash extensions. You can be the mastermind behind these looks, and we will provide the lashes for you.

Bright yellows and pinks which are perfect for festival season, while neon lashes are an absolute must-have for clubbing, hint – they glow in black light!

If bright, bold and loud is not your thing, why not try our ombre lashes for that little, subtle, just barely there pop of colour as the light catches it?

There really is something for everyone, all you need is to have the options to offer your clients and see where this journey takes you. For ideas check out our social media where we share different looks and alternatives, often with lash mapping and guidance.


Pre Treatment is something to use as part of your lash prep with each client. Use a microbrush, wooden stick or glue wipe.

Step one: Apply lash patches and cover the lower lashes. Then take small amount of pre treatment with the tip of the microbrush. Now you have the microfibre brush ready place the wooden stick or glue wipe under the natural lashes and wipe the root of the lashes and the bottom half of the natural lashes over with pre treatment. This will prepare the natural lash for the lash application process. This product does not change any ph levels which makes it perfect to use with the lash glue. Adding this little step in your lash preparation process should hopefully see your clients’ retention improve by a week, and more in some cases.


This is a product with a creamy consistency. Prepare the eyes by placing the eyepatches to the lower lashes with the clients’ eyes closed. Then use the microbrush or lipstick wand to lift a small amount of the product to a separate area to avoid cross-contamination. Use the lipstick wand to thoroughly swipe the cream remover to the glue attachment point. Leave the product to sit there for 6 minutes and then remove the extensions with the tweezers or microbrushes. Once completed, throughly clean the lashes with proper lash cleansing process with lash shampoo. Should some extensions not come away simply repeat the process again. Check @merlinlashandbeauty on Instagram for videos showing how to do this.


Tweezers are the most important tool for any lash artist. Your tweezers are the ultimate instrument for creating classic lashes, making a perfect symmetrical lash fan, placing the precise distance required from the lash line, or for getting to those inner and outer corner lashes. Therefore, they need to be exactly right for you. Tweezers must fit in our hand comfortably, be the correct shape and angle with the tension and weight just perfect for your hand. We are all unique, after all. Our hands and fingers are all different. Some prefer a lighter tweezer, others a heavier one.

Your perfect tweezer will find its way to you by testing different types, giving them a little time and practice. At Merlin Lash and Beauty we have an extensive range of different Isolation, Classic and Russian volume tweezers, and we are here to help you to find the perfect fit for you. Being a lash trainer and meeting many students has given Merlin a real insight into how many different and unique ways we work with tweezers. In training she has helped 100s of students find their perfect tweezer partner. All our volume tweezers are hand-tested before they are sent out.

If you are not sure which tweezer to go for, just get in touch and we will help you decide based on your technique, your style, and all the things that are unique to you and how you work. We will find the perfect tweezer for you and ensure you have a dream relationship that will make your work feel amazing every day!