Tricia Calvert


Hi Alison
Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help. Been to 2 training course with yourself (one with Merlin included). I was struggling so much with lashes, I had done a few different courses previously but still lacked in confidence. Honestly I have to say from I took my training with you I’m on a whole other level. You are absolutely fabulous and amazing at what you do. U took the time an in depth went through anything I was struggling with. Nothing was a bother to you.
When I’m having a bad day I pick up the phone an drop you a message an you will always get back to me with a positive attitude an reassure me we all have those days. Thank you so much Alison, I know 100% I will be back again – I feel in this business we always have something to learn from others.
I have taken courses with well known beauty schools an never did I recieved as much help or guidance than what I did in our training session.
Many thanks again Alison an il see u again soon xx