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Your Formula For Beautiful Eyes

Why should You Have Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions, styled bespoke for your eyes, compliment and enhance your features and support your lifestyle. You wake up, your eyes sparkle, your smile will be infectious and your confidence will increase, and all as a result of lash extensions treatment.

Merlin, who will be carrying out your treatment, has been awarded the nickname ‘Lash Wizard’ by her clients and students for her incredible eye and attention to detail in the looks she creates for each person.

Having completed 50 + lash courses around the world and after years of practical experience, Merlin is an expert in a field of lash extensions service.

For each lash set, high-quality professional vegan lash products are used which guarantees the health of your natural lashes. Infill is recommended every two to four weeks depending on individual lashes.

All appointments include a full consultation to discuss the tailored look to suit you, your unique features, and your style.

What happens at your appointment?

An initial in-person consultation will take 15-20 minutes. This is to assess your natural lashes and patch test products that will be used when we apply a full set of lashes. A patch test emulates the full lash application. The only difference is 7-10 lashes are applied to each eye to make sure the client does not have any sensitivities to the products used. We also will talk through styles and discuss what type of look you like and natural lashes support.

Providing the patch test comes back perfect, within 24-48 hours we can do a full application of lash extensions. When a full set is applied we recommend infill every 2-4 weeks – 3 weeks is perfect, however this is linked to each clients individuals circumstances and something we will discuss at your consultation.

Treatments are offered in Chiswick in west London, or mobile appointments are available within zone 1 in central London.

To book a consultation or an appointment please call or WhatsApp 07388435150 or fill in the form to enquire about availability.

Classic Lash Extensions

Often referred to as mascara or one-on-one extensions, curl and extended look. A variety of lash lengths are used during the treatment. Individual semi-permanent lash extensions are applied with trained precision for a customised, natural, blended look.

  • Initial Appointment: 1h 45m – 2 h
  • Infill Appointment: 1h 30m
  • Full Set: £100
  • Infill up to 4 weeks: £60

The Best of Both Worlds – A mixture of individual classic lashes and volume lashes (2D – 5D) giving length and definition, as well as fluffiness. Looks can be adjusted based on results and the client desires.

  • Initial Appointment: 1h 45m- 2h
  • Infill Appointment: 1h 30m – 2h
  • Full Set: £100
  • Infill up to 4 weeks: £65
Multiple lightweight eyelash extensions are made into little handmade lash fans and placed on each individual eyelash giving a fluffy and softer look. From 2D natural to 5D volume. This lash look can be from very natural or to a full and dark finish, which will be adjusted based on the look the client desires.
  • Initial Appointment: 2h – 2h 30m
  • Infill Appointment:  1h 30m – 2h
  • Full Set: £120
  • Infill up to 4 weeks: £70

Offers dense, Dramatic Russian Volume lash extensions. Using a specialised technique and premium MLAB lashes for the fullest and darkest lash line. 6D – 10D handmade lash fans. Can be created for clients with strong natural lashes and is allowed four times a year. Alternative months Russian Volume Lash Extensions are recommended.

  • Initial Appointment: 3h
  • Infill Appointment: Not available for this treatment
  • Full Set: £140
Latest trend in the Lash Extensions world giving your lashes a Wet Lash Effect which is created with bespoke lash technique and craftsmanship.
  • Initial Appointment: 2h
  • Infill Appointment: 1h 30m – 2h
  • Full Set: £120
  • Infill up to 4 weeks: £70

Latest trend in the Lash Extensions world giving your lashes a textured lash effect and can be adjusted to a lighter or chunkier spiky lash look. Bespoke lash technique and craftsmanship tailored to each individual and their eyes.

  • Initial Appointment: 2h 30m
  • Infill Appointment: 1h 30m – 2h
  • Full Set: £120
  • Infill up to 4 weeks: £70
Offered in Classic Lash Extensions, Russian Volume Lash Extensions and can be created with full colour lashes, one area or multiple different colours. Details of your requirements to be discussed at the consultation appointment.
  • Initial Appointment: 2h 30m
  • Infill Appointment: 1h 30m – 2h
  • Full Set: £120
  • Infill up to 4 weeks: £70

Mobile appointments are available in London Zone 1 and in Chiswick W4 area

Price: £300 for the full lash set and £175 for the infill appointment.

All techniques and designs are available and are the same price for mobile lash appointments.