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Anna Gallagher


As a trainer, I am passionate about protecting our industry, and upholding the high standards that I practice in my own lash work. I want my students to feel empowered with their new skill and excited about what they can bring to our industry!

Anna first trained in Lash Enhancements in 2012, looking for something to supplement her income while her two daughters were young she was unable to take a full time job around their school hours.
Anna looked for a Lash Tech local to her and when she and couldn’t find one, she decided to take action. She says: “My love for lashes has come from so many angles. This job has enabled me to have a flexible income around my family. I have gone on to have two further babies whilst being a lash artist. Lashes enabled me to have a good income whilst devoting my time to my family.”

“I love the creativity and precision that every set takes, and every set creates a different look! But I think overall, my favourite part of the lash process is when the client opens her eyes and you hand them the mirror!”

“I wanted to become a trainer after seeing so many poorly trained Lash Artists in my area. Every set of badly-applied lashes has a knock-on effect to our industry as a whole. I am passionate about offering the highest calibre of training to produce the very best future lash artists, overall improving our industry standards.”

Anna’s willpower and perseverance were in evidence when she ran the London Marathon in 2018, despite breaking her foot! She first met Merlin The Lash Wizard at a Workshop, having driven from Northampton to London in a cast and hobbling to her course.

It is this grit and determination, alongside her skill and kindness, that earned Anna a place as one of the Merlin Lash And Beauty magical lash trainers. Anna is passionate about raising funds for the charities that helped her family after one of her children was treated at Great Ormond Street Hospital for eight months, undergoing three open heart surgeries.

She says: “There are so many other families that require the same help that we did!”

All MLAB lash trainers are practicing lash artists, ensuring we are perfectly placed to relate to the students who choose us as their training provider.

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