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Buddug LJ Humphreys

Bangor, North Wales

Buddug, whose first language is Welsh, undertook her first lash course in 2016 and moved on to Russian lashes in 2018.

Buddug has taken a host of courses including Classic, Russian and Megavolume and masterclasses including the Lash Wizard Workshop ,Creative Effects Textured Lash Course, Colour Lash Course and M&L Curl Lashes. She came second in the Lash Social Worldwide online competition in 2019.

Buddug says: “I get satisfaction from transforming something and love intricate work.”
“I like to pass on what I have learned to others and hope I contribute to making a good-quality lash artist. Teaching others keeps my passion alive and refreshes my memory of all the basics of lashing that we can sometimes forget among our busy schedules.”

Buddug found her way to the MLAB Magical Crew by travelling four hours to Manchester to attend the Lash Wizard Workshop with Merlin, and brought her entire team with her. Merlin saw a kindred spirit in this girl, who was willing to travel anywhere when she found a course that would help improve her skills and career.

This bond between two girls has always remained, and, alongside her desire to keep learning and help others, makes Buddug the perfect MLAB Magical Lash Trainer to teach our courses in North Wales.
Buddug is also a mum to a beautiful baby, Thor, who arrived via IVF and is her little miracle and pride and joy, alongside her amazing lash business ‘Beaubeauty’.

All MLAB lash trainers are practicing lash artists, ensuring we are perfectly placed to relate to the students who choose us as their training provider.

Since starting my career in lashing I have taken several courses learning new and different techniques. However I was still lacking some confidence and know how. I was a huge fan of Buddugs work and was a big fan of MLAB and Merlins products. I decided to do some extra training with Buddug and I’m so glad I did. Buddug was so open to my million questions and was happy to answer and ‘share her secrets’ of lashing. As I was already lashing it was great to have her look at my technique and have her just tweak it a bit. She was patient and really knowledgeable.
Since completing my training, and whilst handing in my case studies Buddug offered help and advice and has really helped me along my way. I’m still a massive fan of her work and wouldn’t rule out booking on for a couple of her mentoring sessions. I also now only use MLab lashes as I have found these the best products (and believe me I have spent HUNDREDS over the years on different lash brands) They keep their curl and fan really easily. – Rhiannon Bennett

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